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ISO 3834 – basis of welding quality assurance

The international series of standards ISO 3834 specifies welding quality requirements for manufacturers and regulates the principles for quality assurance of fusion-welded components and constructions and covers welding in the

mass production,

single production,


contact point since 2004

and affects all welding applications. It assumes the function of a quality management system in the field of welding and thus defines quality requirements for welding work. It also provides guidelines for controlling quality management for the welding process. Especially in Northern Europe, ISO 3834 is a prerequisite for many welding applications and thus potential orders. These include areas that are not regulated by law, such as

  • General Engineering

  • general plant construction

  • general vehicle construction

  • as a basis for factory standards

At the same time, ISO 3834 serves as the basis for meeting the standard requirements in specific application regulations such as B. DIN EN 1090 and DIN EN 15085. Certification according to DIN EN ISO 3834 is therefore the first step towards more specific welding technology products.

The ISO 3834 consists of 5 parts:

Part 1: Criteria for selecting the appropriate level of quality requirements

This part contains criteria for the selection of the verification level depending on the welding requirements. Aspects that are decisive include:

  • What safety requirements apply to my products? (the danger emanating from the construction in the event of failure (consequence of damage))

  • How complex is the production?

  • For which application is it produced?

  • Which materials are used? (metallurgical problems?)

  • What quality requirements apply to my products?

Part 2: Comprehensive quality requirements

Part 2 contains the minimum requirements for your quality management. A quality management system with appropriate documentation (e.g. checklists) must be set up for certification. For this it must be proven, among other things, that

  • this type of documentation has been made mandatory in the company,

  • the documentation includes at least all of the criteria specified in Part 5,

  • known to all employees.

In addition, your company must have a welding coordinator (IWS) with the appropriate knowledge in the area of planning, execution and monitoring of welding production (e.g. International Welding Engineer). This must also be demonstrably responsible and authorized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14731 to ensure the process. In addition, welders with a valid test certificate according to ISO 9606ff and, for fully mechanical and automatic welding processes, machine operators with a valid certificate according to ISO 14732 and ISO 14555 are required. Certified test personnel according to ISO 9712 are required for non-destructive testing. Process qualifications (WPQR) must be verified and welding instructions (WPS) are required. Proof of participation in training courses is also an important part of quality assurance.

 tip:  You can use the WPS Manager to manage welder qualifications, procedure qualifications (WPQR) and welding procedure specifications (WPS).

Part 3: Standard Quality Requirements

Similar requirements apply to Part 3 as to Part 2. Among other things, must

  • the quality assurance must be available in the form of a manual or process and work instructions,

  • a welding coordinator (IWS) is necessary for the planning, execution and monitoring of the welding production,

  • qualified welders and operators are necessary,

  • ISO 3834 – basis of welding quality assurance

  • and welding instructions (WPS) are necessary.

However, there are slightly fewer requirements in the points to be fulfilled in the individual sections than in ISO 3834-2 (e.g. production planning (10.1), labeling and traceability (17), quality reports (18)).

 tip:  You can use the WPS Manager to manage welder qualifications, procedure qualifications (WPQR) and welding procedure specifications (WPS).

Part 4: Elementary quality requirements

Part 4 is the most general requirements part, so

  • there is no requirement for a welding coordinator (observe customer specifications),

  • qualified welders and operators are still necessary,

  • Procedure qualifications (WPQR) are not necessary (observe customer specifications),

  • Welding specifications (WPS) are not necessary (observe customer specifications),

  • complete sections are missing (e.g. heat treatment (13), testing before, during and after welding (14), calibration (16)),

  • Sections are much shorter (eg Equipment (9)).

However, the manufacturer still has a basic responsibility, so that you must continue to have basic knowledge of the welding quality requirements for the production monitoring required in each case.

Part 5: Documents whose requirements must be met in order to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 3834-2, DIN EN ISO 3834-3 or DIN EN ISO 3834-4

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